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Minus Works is an American manufacturing and technology company focused on bringing innovative products to the cold chain industry, including sustainable, high-performance gel packs for the shipping of perishables. 

The founding team hails from the aerospace composites sector and as such Minus Works brings a material science approach to the challenges of the cold shipping industry. 

We believe in the relentless pursuit of less. Less waste, less environmental impact, less total cost for our customers.

For us, less is not more, less is less. And that's good. 


Our Approach to Sustainability

Just as writers begin stories with the end in mind, we design all our products with end-of-life in mind.

Reduce: Our customers will always need refrigerants when shipping perishables. However, we can reduce the amount of refrigerant needed by providing a more effective, high-performing cold pack. By engineering our cold pack to absorb more heat per unit mass, we can use less mass, which means less waste and less cost for our customers.

Reuse: Our cold packs are not one and done. We design them to retain effectiveness over many thermal cycles, allowing our customers’ end-users to benefit from them as well.

Recycle: We use recycled plastic in our gel packs, which is an innovation in the gel pack industry. We do not use “recyclable” LDPE currently – read about why.

Reclaim: Our Plant-based refrigerant gel is biodegradable and compostable. After it has fulfilled its worldly purpose, mother earth can reclaim it.