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Minus Works has built an in-house test lab to provide customers a path to rapid thermal packaging qualification and validation.


Test Design: We will work together to design a test that will serve as a proxy for what conditions your package could experience in the real world. This test can be called your Thermal Profile and can be custom tailored to your application and its expected exposures. Condition parameters would include total duration, ambient temperatures, temperatures gradients, relative humidity, etc.

Material Selection and Pack-out Design: If needed we can assist you in the selection of refrigerants, insulation, liners, void fill, pack-out arrangement, etc., based on our internal data and experience.

Environmental Chamber Testing: We have in-house testing capability with our 8.9 cubic foot test chamber (-10°C to 80°C temperature range), allowing us the ability to quickly trial your thermal package design. We will then provide reports, analysis and insights based on how the package(s) performed against on the custom test conditions we set.


For more information about how we can help or to view a sample report, reach out to us at cs@minusworks.com. We look forward to hearing about your application.