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How do I dispose of my gel pack?

To dispose of Minus Works' Plant-based Refrigerant Gel:

COMPOST: This Plant-based Refrigerant gel is 100% home compostable. With scissors, cut open the bag of the fully thawed gel pack and pour onto compost heap. Dispose of bag in normal waste streams.

NORMAL WASTE STREAM: With scissors, make a slight cut in the bag of the fully thawed gel pack and place bag in the trash. The cut in the bag allows for oxygen interact with the refrigerant gel and start the biodegradation clock. This Plant-based Refrigerant gel is Readily Biodegradable and will be fully degraded within 28 days after encountering oxygen. 

The bag should always be disposed of in normal waste streams. The gel pack film is made with recycled plastic, a choice that decreases the demand for plastic production. Because it's recycled plastic, it cannot be recycled again.For more information about why recycled plastic is used vs. "recyclable" plastic, feel free to read this post

Is there a shelf-life to my gel pack?

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