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briq paper cold pack

BRiQ is a high performance new Cold Pack designed to reduce Single-Use Plastic and Landfill Tonnage.

BRiQ features Certified Compostable Gel encapsulated in a curbside Recyclable Paper. BRiQ's Gel meets the ASTM 6400 and ASTM D6868 testing standards and BRiQ's Gel reached over 90% biodegradation in 38 days. 

The Gel is made from Water (>98%) and Plant-Based materials. The Gel is non-toxic. 



  1. Tear open the paper casing and separate the gel from the paper. 
  2. Paper can be curbside recylced with typical paper and corrugated.
  3. The Gel can can be composted or disposed of in normal waste steams. Even if it's going to the trash, the biodegradation process will start before it gets to landfill.



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